Sunday, 1 May 2011

How easy it is to sell your used Goods

On Friday, 29/4, I posted the sale of my son's Motorbike at the Malaysian buy and sell website -  Within 1 hour of publishing it, I received 36 calls on the subject.  On the same day, I got it sold by the 2nd person who viewed it, at the same price I advertised it.  The sad part is to turned down all the hopeful buyers.

Indeed, if the price is right, you can make business out of a free on-line buy and sell website, without having to create your own personal website.

I recently signed up for an on-line business workshop, lots of these type of worshops advertised in the newsaper.  I got curious on what I can gain from this workshop, so I joined over one of the weekend in March.  I have to admit, I learned a lot more than I could ask for.  How much did I spend?  Here's the breakdown:
Workshop cost = RM2000
Website Design Purchase = RM300
Website Domain = RM60
Wesite Hosting = RM280
Company creation = RM70
TOTAL = RM2,710

The step by step approach given were as follows:
Step 1 - Finding Your Niche
Step 2 – Creating A Powerful Niche
Step 3 – Website That Converts
Step 4 – Website Creation
Step 5 – Traffic Generation
Step 6 – Relationship Marketing
Step 7 – Systemize The Business

It all make sense. But you got to play around with the computer day by day and really make time for it in order to make sense out of the steps mentioned above.  Well, in the end, I did create a new website out of all this experience.  Here it is...):

To sum up, I did get around to do this project and I did have a pool of friends from the workshop that will once a month gather to check out on each others success which is a good thing as this will make the brain working with all sorts of new ideas from all the sharing.

My final thought?  At the end of the day, I do feel that the use of a free on-line websites still can convert to cash a lot easier without spending a single cents. 

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Rosie William